Risk Assessments

Scribe Management Suite

Desktop Security Risk: A Desktop Security Risk Assessment (DSRA) is used to determine now what you don’t know.  The software captures all desktop activities in order to determine what and how data is being transmitted outside of your organization, and shared internally bypassing the control of the network security policies.  Employees who are permitted access to sensitive data and unknowingly expose that information in emails or maliciously remove data by copying it to an external device represent a great and invisible security risk.  The security challenge is that in many cases access to and utilization of this data is considered part of their job.

Software Utilization Risk: The agent has the ability to capture all installed applications on your desktops and laptops within your enterprise. This baseline report will give the customer an accurate and up to the minute snapshot of all the different types of applications and versions installed for all of your users. The next component of the process which we will provide, which makes us very unique, is that we now can tell you who is using all these applications and how often they are using these applications. You now can meet and pass any software compliance audit you face but now you can be proactive in understanding what applications you might want to replace because no one is using them and more importantly you now can accurately assess the number of licenses you need to purchase for the individuals that are actually using these applications.

Virtual Security Officer (VSO): When the business does not have a security officer to monitor the Scribe Management Suite, We can provide the expertise.  The VSO would monitor activities occurring in the business and make recommendations on what the business needs to do. The management team of the business can then be well informed and take actions on those recommendations.  Monthly reports would be delivered to the business based on what the VSO finds or doesn’t find over the month.


  • Data Migration
  • Workflow Automation
  • Electronic Employee


  • Email Encryption
  • Email Archive
  • Hardware Control
  • Document Management
  • Website Filtering
  • Clipboard Monitoring
  • Application Access
  • Fingerprinting
  • File Shadowing
  • Screen Capture
  • Print Control
  • Content Profiling


  • Behavior Analytics
  • Website Monitoring
  • Application Usage
  • Application Performance
  • Custom Applications


  • Helpdesk Remediation
  • Sense Errors
  • PC DNA
  • Problem Recreation
  • Auto-Fix Errors
  • Task Functions
  • Desktop Control

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